Holtec Africa offers Holtec International’s
Technologies in Sub-Saharan Africa

Holtec International established in 1986 is a Vertically Integrated, Innovative Technology Leader with Unique Approaches to Design & Manufacturing. Mosadi Energy a 90% Black women owned South African entity and Holtec International(US) together formed Holtec Africa in 2014.

For supply of spent fuel management equipment and services to the nuclear industry and heat transfer equipment for the broader power, petrochemical and allied industries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Holtec Africa is a civil, moral, and business imperative that aligns South Africa’s needs for high-quality technologies, the economic and social development objectives of the nation, and Holtec’s growth initiative on the emerging African continent.

Holtec Africa aligns common interests

Our Mission

To bring Holtec International's innovative technologies to the Sub-Saharan market through the development of a highly skilled engineering workforce and support of local fabrication capacity in South Africa. Holtec Africa's capacity building will be supported by Holtec International's experienced innovation and manufacturing centers located around the world.

This collaboration ensures the highest quality work products and technical distinction associated with our name.

Holtec Africa Accreditation

Local Fabrication

Holtec has cooperation agreements with local partners to enable fabrication of heat transfer and pressure vessel equipment in South Africa to the Highest levels of the ASME Code.

Or renowned Hotlec Manufacturing Division (HMD) based in the United States works in partnership with our local fabricators to deliver on quality, schedule and cost wth the goal of maximizing local content and skills development.

HMD is one of the largest exporters of nuclear and ASME code components in the United States and holds all ASME Code stamps used in the industry (N, N3, NPT, R, U, NR)

Quality Assurance

Holtec Africa operates under Holtec International's Quality Assurance Program, which meets the highest standards expected for supply of equipment to the power, petrochemical and allied industries.

Specifically, Holtec's Quality Assurance Program is compliant with the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Quality Assurance Criteria for Nuclear Power Plants and Fuel Reprocessing Plants (10CFR50 Appendix B) and quality Assurance Criteria for Packaging and Transportation of Radioactive Material (10CFR71 Subpart H) Holtec is also ISO 9001 certified.