Nuclear Fuel & 
Waste Management

State-of-the-Art Solutions for Managing the Backend
of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Holtec is a total solutions provider to the nuclear power industry. With over two and a half decades of delivering safe, robust, and reliable solutions to nuclear power plants and government facilities, Holtec has established itself as the preeminent supplier of backend management equipment, facilities, and services.

Our turnkey solutions include

  • Dry spent fuel storage and transport systems for all fuel types (RBMK, CANDU, PWR, VVER, MOX)
  • Non-fuel waste storage and transport systems
  • High density fuel storage racks
  • Turnkey wet and dry storage project implementation
  • Services including equipment delivery and set-up, civil/architectural design, site construction, and spent fuel loading
  • Consulting services to nuclear power plants for design and operations
  • Custom solutions for client-specific needs