SMR-160 Overview


Holtec's Small Modular Reactor

SMR-160 is a 160 MW(e) modular single loop reactor designed to provide safe, dependable, affordable, and carbon-free power. Offering unique and innovative solutions for achieving real enhancements in safety, operations, and performance, SMR-160's features include the following: 

  • Core located deep underground
  • A Passive Containment Cooling System
  • Black start capability
  • Dry cooling option for siting in the water deprived locations
  • Large inventory of water around and over the reactor core
  • Easy access to critical components for code compliant in-service inspection and testing
  • Simplified refueling operations with integrated underground spent fuel storage for enhanced safety, security and proliferation resistance
  • No penetrations in lower region of Reactor Vessel
  • Reactor coolant is demineralized water (no boron) with a large negative reactivity coefficient